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5 reasons I am going to MaharaHui again
05 Feb

5 reasons I am going to MaharaHui, again
… and would love to see you there too!

In no order of importance, I am going because…

1- I will meet with the rich crowd of Mahara users - there’s no such thing as a single ‘Mahara user profile’, as users stem from diverse backgrounds educators, learners, technologists, learning designers, accreditors etc.)  -   a passionate crowd that is best described as a creative and collaborative community.

And very timely to revisit #mahara14 , as snapped by 4nitsirk,  to get in the mood for #mahara15!

2- I will explore Mahara 1.10  [as seen on MyPortfolio] fantastic new features with power users motivated by various purposes

3-  I will interact with experienced developers who can help with the design and implementation of new features and we evaluate the progress of the Mahara wish list established at #maharahui14

4- I will share and discover new tools that integrate well with Mahara [the potential of analytics got me really interested in 2014 ] and gain insights on the ongoing use of existing integrations.

5- I will investigate and discuss the potential of networking Mahara users beyond their institutional and formal learning experience.

See you in Auckland, NZ on April 9th!