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10 Reasons I love Mahara

04 Oct

Mahara is my ePortfolio system of choice. Mahara understands my needs: I don’t want to publish all my work life for all the web to see, I want to choose who I share information with. But I do not want to compromise my ability to publish widely chosen information. With Mahara I can do both.
- I can create a page for each of my projects. Mahara being hosted, either on an internal server or by a provider, I effectively create a web page that I have control over.

- I have a file repository, it allows me to upload a wide range of files quickly  that I can arrange on a page.

- I choose who and why I share a page with: a colleague for peer feedback, the management team for annual review, or make it public to showcase aspects of my work on my LinkedIn profile.

- I obtain feedback and comments from my chosen audience on my pages. It help me move my thoughts forward and review my progress.

- I use the blog to keep traces of thoughts and reflections arising from feedback or work completion.

- I create a dynamic, digital CV using the Résumé builder . Since traces of my activity are stored on Mahara, it is easy for me to keep it up to date.

- Mahara works with the other online tools I use to produce information about my activity. I only need to embed the different media on my page.

- Mahara helps me work with others on projects. I create a group, invite colleague to join. We use the forum within the group to communicate and the group pages to centralise our input/output as a team.

- The Mahara community is full of active experts and is supportive. If I meet a hurdle, I can ask for help using the forums. And I can refer to the up to date Manual.

- I am in control of my content, I can download my portfolio as HTML and/or upload it to another Mahara instance.

These are only 10 of the reasons I love Mahara. If you would like more information about Mahara and how it can serve yours and your team learning purpose, be in touch.